Samsø is a Danish island which today produces with renewable sources more energy than it needs, exports to the rest of Denmark and thanks to this it obtains a return for its territory and people.

For us it is a good example of a fair, democratic and distributed energy transition. amsó is, at the same time, the name of a very widespread and resistant Mediterranean grape variety. It represents our commitment to the territory, to what is local and concrete. It all reflects our vocation of balance: between idealism and pragmatism, between utopia and reality, between renewable projects and territory.

We are a legal core consulting firm, experts in energy regulation and multidisciplinary vocation to make a fair and distributed energy transition a reality;

We advocate for a strong commitment regarding decarbonization, consistent with the action and ambition that the climate crisis imposes, but faithful to the primal promise of transformation and social progress of renewable energies.

Samsø accompanies public and private actors on the path to sustainability. We are experts in the design of public policies and in the definition of environmental and energy transition strategies. We are knowledgeable of the different technologies and alternatives, their regulation, their business models, their impacts, their pros and cons. And most important: we do listen to our clients and know how to apply this knowledge to their specific needs and particularities. Our vocation is to help you become a protagonist in this process of environmental, economic and social transformation already underway.